Tips and tricks for Home renovations

Admin April 17, 2021

Whether it's only one room or your entire house, renovations are a major job for any person to handle. Projects like these require time, energy, and money. This can range from entire remodels including new appliances and features to smaller ‘aesthetic’ touches such as paint and fixture updates. However, whichever you choose it's always best to plan well and research a trusted team of professionals to perform the job.

Understand your budget fully
Setting a realistic budget for the renovation of your home can be both exciting and daunting. Be realistic in your expectations and break down your budget per area of your home. Some areas will need a higher budget than others, but this will help you to stay on track and not overspend.

Have your end goal in mind
Plan your vision from start to finish and write it down. This will help guide you and the professionals for what you really want to achieve. The clearer your picture the better others will be able to create, renovate, or adjust your existing home to fit your future needs. This will also help you with any decor or final touches to your upgrades.

Ask professionals for past references
It can be tempting to accept the cheapest quote or the first contractor that can help with your renovations. But be sure to check their references and past client satisfaction. The more diligent you are in background checks the more smoothly your renovation will go. So it is best to take your time on this one to ensure a high quality of work and craftsmanship.

Focus on areas for maximum value
Kitchen and bathroom renovations provide the most value to increasing a homes’ worth. Ensuring your kitchen cabinets are well kept can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. But upgrading to new stainless steel appliances can be expensive but are worth the investment. Your bathroom should be airy and bright, with clean tiles and minimalist design being the new trend.

Update your flooring
Having outdated tiles, or unkept wooden floors can really be an eyesore either for you personally or for potential buyers. Updated to a better material such a PVC flooring in an elegant wooden look can add appeal while still being very cost-effective. Or having tiles that floor from inside to outside can give the impression of a much larger area and better flow to your home.

Open floorplans maximise value too
If your renovations involve structural changes to your homes by removing/adding walls or new rooms, some attention should be paid to actually ‘opening’ up the space to create a more open-plan living style as this improves real estate value while also creating layout flexibility for the spaces to be multi-functional

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