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Evaluate Property Valuers Ltd
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Rs 8,050

Frequently Asked Questions

PropertyCloud is an online platform that has partnered with the top valuation companies in Mauritius. Simply fill in your details once, then sit back and receive up to 3 free quotes!
You can expect up to 3 of our partners to contact you directly and set up an appointment to inspect your property. Once this has been completed they will send you a detailed valuation report of your property.
Estimating the value of real estate property is for a variety of endeavors such as sales listings, investment purpose, home insurance, home loans and taxation. The most useful application for real estate valuation is to determine the sale or purchase price.
Property valuation is tricky since each property has unique features that have to be taken into account. Location, size of property, amenities and other various aspects are taken into consideration. Professional property valuers are used to value your home thus making the best investment decisions.