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Rs 3,000
/ mo

What to know about Home Insurance

Home insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home.

Buying a Property is a significant financial investment which is why home insurance cover is important. Homeowners insurance is essential to protect you, your family and your possessions. It is always good to anticipate an incident to protect your home instead of costly repair or losses if not insured.

An Insurance company or Broker can help homeowners choose the right policy; it is always good to compare home insurance from companies. Using online tools, you can also compare various insurance companies and get insurance quotes from them, either to change home insurance or to get new affordable home insurance.

Types of Home Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

PropertyCloud is an online platform that has partnered with insurance companies in Mauritius. Instead of searching tirelessly on the internet and submitting duplicate information to each provider, simply complete our standardized form and have it sent to several insurance companies. Easy, fast, and no hassle!
As an individual, you can insure your belongings under Household insurance, or the actual structure of your home under Building cover. Depending on your needs these are the two most important insurance options for your home.
Our insurance partner will contact you shortly after completing the form. Once you have selected your preferred quote, your insurance will become active as soon as your premium has been paid. You will then receive confirmation of your cover and a policy document as your assurance.