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Admin July 05, 2023

Provide a brief explanation of what is TBI Mauritius?
TBI Mauritius is a relocation and consultancy firm. Another British lawyer and I created some companies here in 2018, initially to assist those doing business on and from the island. I had been running a law firm in Mauritius  a few years before this and felt that a more dynamic and flexible type of firm suited our clients better. Over the years the model has been adapted to assist foreigners with everything they need in Mauritius. We work with a strong mix of local partner firms that compliment our offering whilst maintaining standards, integrity and confidentiality for our clients. 

As a multi-approach advisory firm what are the services you currently offer
Our services are split into 3 main pillars; permits, visas and relocation; company formation and licenses; and lastly investment and real estate. It is our view that throughout Africa, Mauritius included, having a trusted partner on the ground is key for any business or personal venture. We therefore offer access to the full spectrum of services for our clients, even if some specialist services are provided by partners. 

From initial contact what is the process applicants can expect using TBI Mauritius in their quest of moving to Mauritius or in setting up a company?
We do this through a video call or in-person if they are in Mauritius, where we try to really understand the client, their businesses, their family, and their intentions to operate and move to Mauritius. We then formulate the most appropriate way for them to acquire residence, invest in real estate, or register a business. We then send a transparent proposal with a structured timetable providing the processes, costs and requirements. 

For company setup, we work with good-value local accounting firms for buying property and for local business. For setting up a holding company for your global investments for example, then a management company (MC) is needed. There are over 200 MCs and clients need help choosing the right one, bearing in mind competence, responsiveness and cost.  

How is TBI Mauritius different to other advisory or relocation firms in Mauritius?
What distinguishes us from other firms is that we are multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional and think outside the box. Being lawyer helps, but it is the interplay between the services that is so important. Our solutions are bespoke. By acquiring another permit before buying a property in Mauritius, it adds less urgency and avoids certain delays. For an SA client for example looking to set up his business in Mauritius, we know which providers understand SA best, when to send them to a tax specialist to consider TP and CFC rules, and how to best find an immigration solution for them. When Mauritius isn’t the best option, we arrange formation, immigration or citizenship elsewhere in the world.


TBI Business Advisors (Grand Baie, Mauritius) - Contact Phone, Address

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