MUA Loan Protection Plan

Admin April 12, 2024

Embarking on new projects often involves securing a loan, whether for purchasing a new house, starting a new business, or even buying a car. Yet, subscribing to a long-term loan can carry a significant financial burden and stress, especially in cases of repayment difficulties.

To address these concerns effectively, MUA has a solution: the Loan Protection Plan. This plan provides financial security in unforeseen circumstances like total and permanent disability or death.

By choosing the Loan Protection Plan, you protect yourself and your loved ones from events that could put at risk your loan repayment while ensuring a good quality of life. For instance, in the event of death, an outstanding loan can become a substantial financial burden for the
family. The Loan Protection Plan prevents this scenario, easing the financial strain on family members during an already challenging time.

With coverage extending up to 30 years, this plan can be tailored to suit your specific needs through a straightforward enrollment process. Insurance premiums are generally based on the age of the insured, offering competitive rates.

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