Social Housing scheme in Riche-Terre progressing well

Admin February 23, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Louis Steven Obeegadoo, carried out a site inspection regarding the progress on the construction of 200 social housing units in Riche Terre currently being developed by the New Social Living Development (NSLD).

The New Social Living Development  (NSLD), a subsidiary of the National Housing Development Co. (NHDC), is a Special Purpose Vehicle  incorporated as a private company, with the mandate to build 12,000 social housing units under the guidance and the backing of the Government of Mauritius.

In his address following the site visit, Mr. Obeegadoo informed that a budget of Rs 548 million had been allocated to the Riche Terre project and that each unit will amount to approximately Rs 2.7 million. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024 and shall include community facilities such as: a multipurpose area, children’s playground, commercial space, sports facilities, community services, and easy access to public transport facilities.

Mr. Obeegadoo indicated that the region of Port-Louis Maritime and Port-Louis Est is characterized by a high population density despite its small area. “As a result, the creation of 176 two-story housing units with two bedrooms and necessary amenities will help solve the housing problem. The construction of 176 units of the NSLD, extending over an area of ​​more than 7 acres in Riche-Terre, intended for the inhabitants of the region of Port-Louis Maritime and Port-Louis Est, has reached 50% completion and will be fully completed by the end of the year.” 

Under the national social housing program, the government has delivered 2,470 units since November 2019 and is currently spearheading two more similar projects in La Valette and Mare D’Albert. The objective of the NHDC is to deliver 3,500 social housing units by the end of this year.

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