Rawson Property Group Launches in Mauritius

Admin April 26, 2021

With more than 40 years of experience in the real-estate sector, Rawson Property Group offers expert services to families wishing to buy or sell properties in South Africa and beyond. Thanks to its savoir-faire and high-quality service, the group now has extended with 220 franchises with a team of 1300 agents all committed to providing the best real estate services.

A one-stop-shop in Mauritius
This new franchise in Mauritius is a source of enticing opportunities. Based on the West side of the island in Ruisseau Créole at Tamarin, Rawson Property Mauritius offers exclusive services in sales, purchases or rentals of properties. Those services follow both scrupulously international standards and the group’s values. According to Tony Clarke, Managing Director of Rawson Property Group, the island is the perfect destination for investment opportunities, especially with regards to the real estate industry.

«Mauritius has become a very popular emigration destination for South Africans and is also a favourite spot for business relocation and expansion. It has enviable political stability and an impressive track record of economic growth, with very liberal, business-friendly policies and extremely favourable tax laws."

For the agency, building strong relationships with its customers is as important as building neighbourhoods. In order to do so, they strengthen their online presence via a digital real-estate platform, an important added value for the agency’s headquarters and Mauritius. The digital presence of Rawson Property Group provides enhanced visibility to properties on all online platforms to better serve its clients and attract potential ones through its steady exclusive service.

An attentive agency
Rawson Property Group considers itself more than just a real-estate agency. The group strives to keep its position as the most trusted agency in the region by enhancing its properties value and reaching its client's expectations through creative real estate solutions. With the group’s values always in mind, Isabelle Hardy, the Brand Manager and Kim Herbst, the Sales Agent of Rawson Property Mauritius ensure to stay present for their customers and constantly offer properties that match their requirements. In order to do so, the team welcomes you with a cup of coffee to openly discuss our plans. What better than professionals that know the neighbourhood to guide you through your process of real estate sales and purchases? Both sharing roots in South Africa as well as Mauritius, the team has all the knowledge and necessary insight to provide you with comprehensive services and advice for your property projects. As the agency always wants to go beyond, they also put at disposal a wide range of experts all willing to share precious advice on how to carry out the client’s project. For Rawson, team spirit is their secret key to success.

The doors to a successful partnership
While remaining present for its clients, Rawson Property Group Mauritius also offers multiple opportunities to real estate promoters. By being a portal between South Africa and Mauritius, the agency provides an exclusive accompaniment to professionals in order to help them better position their projects. From marketing strategies to tips on the market, promoters benefit from our services to put forward their properties. If you are actively seeking a rental property in Mauritius, the group always remain at your disposal by offering you a plethora of properties for rent.

From sales to purchases all the way to property rentals, Rawson Property Group engages in exclusive services that meet your needs. Contact Rawson Property Group Mauritius and find the best property for you!

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