Penrose, your ultimate AC unit for this upcoming scorching summer!

Admin November 16, 2023

The local Meteorological office has warned that this summer will be one of the worst ever with frequent heat waves.  One of the best ways to steer through this unfriendly season is to stay within the comfort of an air conditioner (AC). 
Rey & Lenferna Ltd has introduced an improved anti-corrosion AC model designed to combat the coastal and tropical climate that affects the performance and reliability of air conditioners.

This revolutionary air conditioning system is equipped with a 180o spinning wind deflector, a vertical waterfall/horizontal ceiling flow, and airflow through up to 9m with much less energy consumption.
Proudly holding the Europe CE and EMC certifications, Penrose differs from the previous models in terms of technology and innovation as it comprises a dual filtration system, a first-level full high-density filter which blocks out dust particles and other airborne impurities. The second level micro protection filter prevents penetration of pollen and has a micro duct under 0.3μm. Its wind deflector can rotate 180o, allowing quick cooling and all-angle air control. The AC also consists of 5 layers of corrosion protection to better protect from corrosion.
Inverter Quattro compressor
The most advanced 4th Gen precise-control inverter deduction algorithm enables the microchip to perform more precise signal capture and data calculation. Hence, its accurate anticipation of required compressor speed by deduction and to exert more precise control on the power consumption of the inverter Quattro compressor to avoid energy waste.
It consists of environment-friendly and non-toxic R32 refrigerants with a lower ODP and GWP. 
With the newly improved volute casing design, its air duct can rotate 1800, bringing faster and stronger cooling. The system adjusts the louvre angles and fan speed automatically so that the whole area can cool down quickly and evenly.
Remote voice control
The unit is also equipped with a WIFI function. Its wireless control is made possible via login to the MIDEA app through Facebook or X (Twitter). Its remote voice control is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for control on the way home.
With all its revolutionary technology the price of this little marvel is just around 10% higher than its conventional counterparts. It comes with a one-year warranty on PCB and up to five years on its compressor.
HVAC certified technicians
Incorporated in 1940, Rey & Lenferna Ltd is one of the most established engineering companies on the island.  It has ever since been involved in many building and engineering projects in Mauritius.   
Since 2003, Rey & Lenferna Ltd has commercialised the No.1 brand of Midea split-type air conditioning systems. The company offers an integrated air conditioning solution ranging from its extensive product portfolio (wall-mounted type, ceiling/floor convertible type, ducted type, and cassette type) to its wide array of accessories (copper pipes, insulation, refrigerant gas, AC Brackets and PIR Sheets). 
Its solution fits a broad variety of applications from residential, and commercial to industrial sectors and its certified HVAC technicians are fully trained in installation, repairs and maintenance of the complete range of air conditioning systems.

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