Paille en Queue property: gliding through affordable luxurious living

Admin August 02, 2022

Paille en Queue property: gliding through affordable luxurious living

Ask anyone in Mauritius and you will be told that Pereybere beach, with its exceptionally pristinely fine sand, exquisite turquoise lagoon and velvet-like seabed, is indisputably one of the best, if not the best beach on the northern part of the island. Now imagine being the proud owner of a high-end affordable luxurious property just a few minutes' drive from this gem of a location… 
Well, this is not a mere chimerical flight of fancy. It’s rather akin to the mesmerising flight of the island’s iconic bird, the Paille en Queue, that has given its name to the dream-come-true real estate project proposed by Dil Property Development Ltd. 

Resale opportunity

The Paille en Queue project, to be made available by December 2022 is designed through the concept of a luxury g+3/g+2 apartment and penthouse scheme. It thus comprises two-bedroom up-scale apartments and three-bedroom sophisticated penthouses with price tags starting from Rs7.3m and Rs13.5m respectively.
Situated in a hush and calm environment with conveniences like a supermarket and other facilities nearby, Paille en Queue has garnered all the requisites not only for luxurious living but also for total comfort and peace of mind.
Designed with modern architecture, these luxury apartments include many features like premium finish, baseboard, flush doors, main doors made from teakwood, lift facilities etc. Covered parking will be allocated to each block. 
Besides being a sound investment, the apartments and penthouses can be resold to foreigners.

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