Montebello: A city that is smart by nature

Admin August 23, 2022

Montebello: A city that is smart by nature

The MaxCity Group puts green at the heart of its new projects. The framework of the company, with its forty years of know-how, is built around nature. The Montebello Smart City will be the first realisation of their vision on a grand scale. It will include both housing, retail and office spaces as well as easily accessible roadways to the rest of the island, all while maintaining a level of connectedness with nature and authenticity never before seen in this part of the island.

The idea for Montebello was birthed out of the discovery of a natural stream and century-old green corridor of magnificent indigenous trees that captured the hearts and imaginations of the developers. We believe that close proximity and harmony with nature are good for the soul and the community at large. It welcomes peace and honours our natural heritage. Using this stream as inspiration, the city began to take shape.

Closest to this is the residential precinct of Les Rives de Saint Louis, the namesake of our precious stream. This first phase of development consists of 37 lots, ranging from 150 to 250 toises, marketed from Rs 4.5 million, and scheduled for delivery by mid-2023. Apartments and duplexes will form the next phase of the development. 

The housing layout is designed to encourage a community with completely open front yards. This serves as a 180-degree view of the natural, indigenous greenery that will surround the houses. This style of living is perfect for families seeking to build community and have a vibrant quality of life and an immersive connection with nature within a safe space.

"The Smart City is built around nature. Each tree is carefully chosen, in collaboration with our landscape architect. We favour endemic plants and evergreen trees so that the residential neighbourhood is always green. Nature is at the heart of Les Rives de Saint Louis, it is especially for those who have a true sensitivity to nature," says Mary Jane Lai, Business Development Team Leader of MaxCity Group.

The rest of the city unfolds into walkways that make the entire city accessible for pedestrians with a 1.4 km nature footpath, which will be developed in phases. For those needing to travel for work, Montebello Smart City is strategically located halfway between Ebene and Port Louis, offering direct access to the four corners of the island. This position also offers an ideal climate, with pleasant and moderate weather conditions.

"The strength of Montebello Smart City is its accessibility. Located between the M1 freeway and Grande Rivière Nord-Ouest, the Smart City has different entrances and exits for cars and buses, to ensure smooth traffic flow throughout the neighbourhood, and of course without disturbing our residents," explains our interlocutor.

This meticulously thought-out geographical location, the full walkable city with the accessibility of the facilities and the aesthetics of the infrastructures are based on the know-how acquired over the years through the development projects initiated by the MaxCity group, such as Grand Baie La Croisette, Emerald Park at Trianon or the 1 Cybercity at Ebene.

Of course, the many amenities also contribute to its appeal. Do you need access to office space, sports centre, petrol station, a fast food drive-thru, a shopping mall, a showroom or a food court? All are found within the Montebello Smart City, thanks to the partnership of many local and international brands and companies with the MaxCity vision.

It has been designed to meet every need of its clientele while respecting its commitment to the environment with green spaces peppered throughout. 
‘’Montebello is more than just another smart city or real estate project. It's a destination where sharing between residents, respect for the environment and synergy between all neighbourhoods are paramount. We have a vision, but also a mission to go green" concludes Mary Jane Lai.

Look no further! Join us in our green venture. Welcome to Montebello. 

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