Montana Oceano: real estate for exquisite ‘live, work and have fun lifestyle’

Admin September 20, 2022

Montana Oceano: real estate for exquisite ‘live, work and have fun lifestyle’  

Fancy living within lush untampered tropical nature with an under-the-stars terrace offering unobstructed 180-degree breathtaking panoramic vistas over savannah valleys and expansive ocean…This is no dream. It is an affordable reality proposed by Montana Oceano Vistas Ltd.

A luxury residential project, Montana Oceano is nestled on a hilltop at Domaine de Palmyre, in the upmarket and much-coveted Black River/Le Morne region. It is located opposite Les Salines and just 500 metres from La Balise Marina.

The project is approved by the Economic Development Board under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) for the development on freehold land of four villas, three penthouses, 10 apartments as well as a health club and children's play area. 

Local and foreign clients

The Montana Oceano Vistas Ltd is incorporated under the stewardship of Ravin Bholah and Ashwin Hardas, as land promoters and real estate developers, with the objective of developing high-end luxury residential building projects for sale to both local and foreign clients. 

They both have a long and successful background in real estate development and agro-industry. The former, who is also the Director of the company, is a qualified certified accountant with 30 years of professional experience in the corporate finance and real estate sectors. 

As an ex-CEO, he was managing a portfolio of Rs12 billion, notably in real estate development renewable energy sector and agriculture. He has successfully implemented several upscale real estate projects including a 30,000 m2 office building complex with state-of-the-art engineering 

Sustainable development

Ashwin Hardas belongs to a family of entrepreneurs in industrial poultry farming and has over 20 years of extensive managerial experience.

“Our vision is to be the real estate team for buyers who value sustainable development, superior work quality, community impact geared towards ownership of luxury freehold real estate, associated with superior quality and sustainable value, and solid foundation with assurances for capital appreciation and rental income”, says Director Ravin Bholah.


Blessed with immaculate, peaceful, tranquil natural beauty, the residential components offer breathtaking vistas in symbiosis with nature and in harmonious living. The picture-perfect panoramic views of the sea, grassland reminiscent of the African savannah and interweaving mountains make this project exquisite, charming, and ultra-contemporary.  It is the ideal formula for ‘live, work and has a fun lifestyle’  

“Our approach is to substitute ourselves to the client/investor and commit to offering a hands-on approach and ‘controlling/ownership’ of the project from conception/design to technical and financial efficiency”, says Ashwin Hardas.

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