Moka Smart City, launches city center

Admin October 18, 2021

The development of the Telfair neighbourhood started in 2018 with the construction of fully integrated infrastructure including roads, cycle and walking paths, green spaces as well as an Amphitheatre hosting many complimentary daily activities.

Since then, residential development has been launched and PwC has set up its head office in Telfair. Oficea has also completed the construction of a new office building (The Dot) which houses companies such as the Bowmans law firm. In addition, a new road linking the A7 Road to Telfair Avenue with a new roundabout, a Shell filling station and a McDonald’s restaurant has recently been completed.

There are many reasons that make Moka Smart City the heart of Mauritius and a unique place to live with its vibrant neighbourhoods, harmonious characteristics and a number of projects that have either been completed or are currently underway. We outline a few key areas to keep you in the know!

Strategic location
The development of an 85-hectare city centre in Telfair meets the needs of a growing urban population. The aim is to provide a mix of activities designed around incorporating the codes and balances of a modern and sustainable city centre. It is strategically located between the Saint Pierre Bypass Road and the A7 Road, stretching past Wellkin Hospital down to Charles Telfair Campus. Telfair is within close proximity to Ebene Cybercity and Tribeca Central, between the county’s 2 motorways and only 10 minutes from the capital, Port Louis.

A heart that beats 24/7
With its commercial boulevards, restaurants and range of services, Telfair aims to be alive 24/7 and not only during office hours. Everything has been designed to create a simpler and more balanced lifestyle, providing immediate proximity to schools, shops, cultural, sports and health facilities. A breeding ground for networking, Telfair aims to welcome major local and international companies into its unique ecosystem.

Sustainable and eco neighborhoods
Telfair is pursuing the LEED for Neighborhood-Development certification, which is designed to inspire neighbourhoods that are more mindful of our global resources and environment. Additional provisions such as water and wastewater have been built into the design, including recycling stations at collection points around the area.

A different type of mobility
Built around soft mobility, Moka provides generous areas for pedestrian and bike access. The green belt laid out in the heart of the smart city connects Telfair to other surrounding areas. There are a number of shuttle services and bus stops to move around the city and electric charging stations throughout the neighbourhoods.

Moka Smart City has created a new art of living together - authentic & lively. Urban boulevards offer space for ground-level shopping while creating lively streets and a warm atmosphere to live, work and play. Welcome to Telfair, the vibrant heart of Moka. A whole range of exciting projects will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Stay connected!

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