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Admin January 31, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Trianon, CentrePoint stands as the ultimate destination. Its strategic location, adjacent to the M2 highway, ensures seamless accessibility and unparalleled visibility. Moreover, it's conveniently within walking distance of the Trianon metro station, further bolstering its connectivity.

Phase one of CentrePoint boasts 5,000 m2 of retail space, a generous 12,500 m2 of commercial office space and a 2,500 m2 Fitness and Wellness Centre. Phase Two introduces an additional 8,800 m2 of residential living. This multifaceted development is set to become a thriving epicentre, drawing individuals not just locally, but from every corner of the island. Its strategic positioning guarantees a harmonious blend of business and leisure, making it the natural rendez vous for work, for living and for recreation.

Strategic location for Tenants

CentrePoint not only offers tenants exposure to every section of the island but also represents Trianon’s premier shopping and office destination. Here all elements converge to offer an unparalleled advantage. 
It serves as the central point for work life, a perfect point for meetings, shopping, dining and of course, the most convenient commuting point for day-to-day travel. Our meticulously crafted fusion of world-class office space and an upscale mall is designed to enhance Mauritian lifestyle. With contemporary offices primed for productivity and a retail paradise filled with luxury, CentrePoint is the place to be!

Unique appeal to Shoppers & Visitors

CentrePoint promises a comprehensive and convenient experience for visitors, prioritising well-being and offering a range of services under one roof. The centre provides a wide array of services, including fitness, banking, insurance, offshore investments, fine dining, beauty treatments, and indulgent shopping. Level 0 features diverse restaurants, boutique stores and a supermarket, while Levels 1, 2, and 4 offer office spaces tailored for professional requirements. Fitness enthusiasts can explore Level 3 for wellness goals. At the heart of CentrePoint is a calm Food Lounge with diverse seating options, lush greenery and sophisticated overhead lighting. Gourmets can indulge in a variety of culinary experiences with 10 restaurants encircling the space. The Promotions Court is ready to keep you guessing, get prepared for an experience like no other! From engaging activities and live music bands to enticing prize giveaways and cutting-edge product launches, it’s where it’s at!

Purposely build design & Amenities

Step into CentrePoint where a seamless flow is orchestrated with precision. Discover a curated tenant mix featuring diverse restaurants; venture further to explore a central island, a convergence of convenience and luxury offerings. This, coupled with a retail anchor, forms the trio of retail excellence, promising an elevated experience for both tenants and visitors alike.

For our valued office tenants, embark on a purposeful journey tailored to your professional needs. Those relying on daily consumer interactions will find accessibility and vibrancy on Level 1. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a more serene environment, Level 2 and 4 offer tranquil office spaces. 

CentrePoint as a mixed-use development has endless possibilities, expected to house 2,500 people, engaged in a variety of professional activities.

The Centre offers to its tenants, secure covered parking, 24/7 secured access, a dedicated customer relations team, a dedicated in-house facilities management team, cleaning services, discounted connectivity rates, WIFI within the common areas and a gym membership fee discount.

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