La Salette Estate: Residential project in the north

Admin August 23, 2022

The MaxCity Group,  is launching a new residential project in the north of the island. A few minutes from the centre of Grande Baie, in the heart of La Salette with its rich history and charming surroundings, is where La Salette Estate will be built. Mary Jane Lai, Business Development Team Leader, tells us about the vision.

Another housing development? Can you tell us what makes La Salette Estate different?
La Salette Estate is so much more than just housing - it’s an invitation into the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. This estate is designed with harmony in mind, everything flows into the next. At the centre of the estate is a green strip which measures 9000m². This ‘Central Park’ is at the heart so that people have a space to connect with one another and with nature. The park will contain an abundance of indigenous foliage and grassy spaces to enjoy. We have also done something completely different by removing demarcations in front of houses. Every home will have an open front yard to facilitate a sense of community and openness with the residents.

That sounds interesting, can you describe the buildings and layout a little?
Certainly, firstly, the architecture at the established main entrance will bring a sense of grandeur and space to residents and visitors before they even step inside. It is built up with stone and metal to give a sense of security and luxury.  There are 41 residential lots currently being marketed, and then, in a second phase, there will be a development of duplexes and villas. The architectural style is timeless and chic with a strong connectivity to the outdoors. Well-tended gardens of both indigenous and non-invasive garden plants are encouraged as a contribution to the estate's landscape character and lifestyle appreciation of all the residents.

Where is the estate located?
It is just a few metres from the church of Notre-Dame de La Salette. When planning the estate, we were very cognisant of being respectful of these sacred lands. 

What are the benefits associated with living at La Salette Estate?
Beyond the green and relaxing setting, the resident will have the opportunity to live in a fully secured area. Also, at 10 minutes by car, he will have the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities near Grande Baie, including three supermarkets, a shopping centre (Grande Baie la Croisette), a clinic, nearly 120 restaurants, the beach, and also nearby hotels for relaxing moments with family or friends.

Who is this project aimed at and what are the costs involved?
The 41 residential lots are mainly intended for Mauritians from here or abroad and who are planning to return to Mauritius.  These plots, ranging from 160 toises to 300 toises, are currently on sale as from Rs5 million and offer the possibility to build according to a precise ‘cahier des charges’. The second phase will eventually be under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) and will be open to foreigners.

Why choose La Salette Estate as your home?
Living at La Salette Estate is the choice of a new life. Maybe the well-deserved reward of retirement, or a new start once the children are gone. The fulfilment of a dream. Life is always going through seasons, and spring can come again and again. It is the place to be for those who seek a balance between the dynamism of the Grande Baie and the restfulness of their own home in complete tranquillity. It is a place to belong and call home…

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