Jacaranda Luxury Villas: a sound property investment in Balaclava

Admin August 17, 2022

If you are looking for a residential property or an opportunity to invest in a sound real estate project with exceptional privilege and a good return on your investment then the high-end Jacaranda Luxury Villas at Balaclava is the right choice to make.
This project, which is within walking distance to the beach, consists of individual large-sized plots of land with an area ranging between 700m2 to 1600m2 on which are constructed three- to five-bedroom villas with a 250m2 to 500m2 living area. It boasts of an entirely innovative concept and unique landscaping. To ensure absolute privacy, the construction is limited to the ground floor only. 

Along with the recently introduced family-type villas, new villa plans for connected rooms and optimised layout for more garden and green space with the possibility for tailor-made units are also in the pipeline.

PDS Scheme

The construction of the first phase, comprising 32 villas, is the closest to the common facilities and the neighbouring Intercontinental and Westin hotels. They will be made available from June 2023. 
Prospective owners, mainly those falling under the PDS Scheme with a permanent residence permit, will enjoy utter privacy and green nature as there is no neighbour in front of each villa. 
The luxuriantly landscaped space with its parks and gardens bring along the much sought-after lungful of fresh air. In addition, homeowners can enjoy exclusive privileges and facilities with VIP access to the surrounding 5-star resorts.
Not yet swayed? Then visit the already completed villa that showcases the project. You’ll be convinced that compared to the land surface and villa size, such an exceptionally cocooned residential project, available from a mere Rs 29,6m, is indeed a sound investment.

Balaclava, an exquisite beach village tucked in the North-West of Mauritius is an excellent location with easy access to all parts of the island.

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