Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate, an invitation for harmonious luxury living

Admin November 25, 2022

Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate, an invitation for harmonious luxury living 
If you are among the selected few, who deserve to live in perfect harmony with nature, then you should consider being the owner of one of the luxury villas at the Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate, to be etched on the edge of an 18-hole international golf course with sweeping vistas of the region, the greens, and the ocean. 
A Property Development Scheme (PDS) approved by the Economic Development Board; the Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate consists of 220 luxury villas built on 150 hectares to be sold off-plan under the VEFA (Vente en État Futur d’Achèvement) regime. Offered from 1,490,000 Euros, the villas are for both Mauritian and foreign buyers.
The Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate offers two types of properties. First, ready-built villas are available off-plan to Mauritian and foreign buyers under a VEFA contract. Second, serviced plots are available exclusively to Mauritian buyers with strict architectural guidelines for villa construction. 

Three types of villas (Villa W, Villa S, Villa N) are available for sale. They are designed to allow maximum natural ventilation and lighting and to provide most of its view through thoughtful orientation. 
The architecture of the villa will allow natural air circulation through patios that will function as green lungs for each unit, bringing ventilation, vegetation, and natural light to its heart along with a smart room layout.
The large roofs, sliding screens and perfect integration of the villas in their natural environment will enable to filter the sun’s rays and minimise the impact of heavy rainfall. The materials used will be carefully selected to reduce heat build-up in the living spaces and ensure purer air quality, while low-carbon or natural and local materials will be utilised as much as possible. 
The use of the latest technological advances such as lightweight concrete blocks, high-performance insulation, light-filtering windows, etc., will minimise the environmental impact of the villas, both during construction and in their daily use.

With an emphasis on bioclimatic architecture, sustainable architectural concepts and the Beachcomber experience, construction of the villas is scheduled to start in early 2023 while completion is expected within three years.

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