Ferney hosts the first Mauritian agrihood project with Montagne du Lion Farm Living

Admin February 21, 2023

CIEL Properties launches the Montagne du Lion Farm Living project in the unspoiled nature of south-eastern Mauritius.

Montagne du Lion Farm Living, a project led by the CIEL group, is a first in Mauritius. Integrated into the first Mauritian agrihood , it offers an attractive place to live and a more sustainable way of life with a reconnection to land and nature through the practice of "farm living". A total of 68 lots are on offer for sale for both Mauritians and foreigners in this ecological project nestled at the entrance to the Ferney Valley, at the foot of the Montagne du Lion and overlooking the lagoon of Vieux Grand Port.

 A pioneering concept in Mauritius

Combining the words agriculture and neighbourhood into the concept of 'agrihood' combines an exceptional quality of life and sustainable agriculture. Each of Lion Farm Living's Mountain plots extends over 1 to 3 acres and will house, in accordance with the specifications, a bioclimatic residence surrounded by crops where a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will grow. The objective is to promote agroecological agriculture while offering buyers an exceptional living environment in the heart of nature.

 An ecological lifestyle

This attention to respect for nature does not stop at agricultural activities. The ambition of Montagne du Lion Farm Living is to create, within it, communities of residents with a low environmental impact, committed to a process of reducing their carbon footprint and returning to a simpler life. To do this, the houses will be entirely self-sufficient in energy thanks to photovoltaic systems and their bioclimatic design will allow, among other things, natural ventilation, the recovery of rainwater, and the recycling of gray water for the irrigation of the plot.

The 170 arpents of the project divided into 68 lots allows a very low density, and a minimal artificialization of the surface. "Our project aims to revalorize land formerly under cane and now abandoned by giving individuals the opportunity to invest in sustainable agriculture while benefiting from an exceptional living environment between the Ferney Valley and the lagoon. from the southeast. The project also includes a strong environmental dimension with strict specifications, low-carbon infrastructure and an area of ​​10 hectares planned for reforestation” , specifies Mathieu Razé, Head of Business Unit of Ferney for CIEL Properties. 

 Ferney: player in Mauritian agricultural resilience

Montagne du Lion Farm Living is part of the continuity of CIEL's efforts for the development of innovative and sustainable agriculture in Ferney, with the objective of helping to lead Mauritius towards better food resilience. The Ferney Agri-Hub, in operation since 2020, was the first project of this approach by the CIEL group. It welcomes around fifteen Mauritian and foreign agri-entrepreneurs committed to sustainable agriculture within an ecosystem that promotes their success. In 2022, Ferney Agri-Hub hosted Katapult, an international program supported by Norwegian funds and several Mauritian groups. It is a start-up accelerator for food tech and agri -tech solutions for African markets.

 Farm Living: expertise at your fingertips

Rich in this expertise, Ferney will be able to offer Mountain residents of Lion Farm Living assistance in the farming of their plot. Several formulas will be available to owners, ranging from farm advice to subcontracting the complete operation. Thus, Mathieu Razé explains that "the integration of these places of life and their plantation in the circular economy, in the agri-tech ecosystem of Ferney and in the social dynamics of the region is one of the keys to our Farm Living proposal ”.

 Nature as a playground

Montagne du Lion Farm Living is also part of a region with a rich natural heritage which offers a living environment giving families the opportunity to get back to basics. Between ridges and reefs, it is home to one of the last endemic forests on the island in the La Vallée de Ferney conservation area, as well as an emerald lagoon. There are the wrecks of the battles which made the history of Mauritius and the ecosystems of verdant mangroves. Landscapes flown over by the legendary Mauritius kestrel are just waiting to be explored. Whether it is to go on an adventure or to recharge your batteries, the region is close to the most beautiful excursions on the island. The proximity of the lagoon also makes it easy to enjoy water sports.


Main features of the Lion Mountain Farm Living project 

  • Location: Ferney (at the foot of the Lion Mountain)
  • Total area of ​​the project: 170 acres
  • Land area: 1 arpent to 3 arpents
  • Number of batches: 68
  • Area of ​​land cultivated per lot: Between 3,000 and 11,000 m2 depending on the lot
  • Compulsory agricultural practice: Sustainable agriculture (with specifications)
  • Types of residences: Single-storey bioclimatic houses (with specifications)
  • Source of electrical energy: Photovoltaic panels and batteries ( off-grid )
  • Water sources: Ferney and rainwater harvesting
  • Wastewater treatment: Individual treatment plant
  • Evacuation and runoff of water: Natural drains
  • Separation between land: Vegetal barriers
  • Developer:  CIEL Properties
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