Discover the Azuri Lifestyle

Admin May 18, 2023

Discover the Azuri Lifestyle

In this editions interview, we sit down with Elodie Rey - Head of Sales for Azuri Smart City - and find out what makes Azuri such an appealing destination for both local and international investors as well as the lifestyle on offer to homeowners in this coastal development located on the North-East coast of Mauritius.

Elodie, many thanks for sitting down with us. Can you explain to our readers what exactly is the Azuri lifestyle and what is on offer to residents and homeowners?

Since its inception ten years ago on a large estate in the North of Mauritius, Azuri has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community. Mauritians, expatriates, and foreign investors can purchase property, residency, splendid contemporary residences designed by famed architects, as well as gain access to a secluded beach, a bustling cafe, an array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a fabulous spa, a sports club, and a spectacular golf course. But above all, the residents of the seaside village benefit from gorgeous natural surroundings, a safe neighbourhood, convenience, a genuine sense of community and a sense of belonging. The beating heart of Azuri is its village that offers conveniences such—a café, restaurants, boutiques, a spa and gym, tennis courts, a Montessori play school, a Radisson Blu luxury resort, a delicatessen, an ATM, a farmer’s market, home rental and property management services. And all this, by the sea. 


What is currently available for sale and what are the new projects coming up?

For those of you who want to invest in an already built unit, Azuri offers resale properties so you can embrace the convivial beachfront lifestyle right away. There are lovely duplexes offering sublime views over the lagoon; rooftop penthouses, boasting expansive terraces; spacious ground-floor apartments with access to a private garden and pool; and more. These homes have the modern, airy design for which Azuri is renowned, feature high-quality appliances, air-conditioned bedrooms, private parking, and access to all the village’s conveniences and amenities. The soon to come off-plan projects include 18 exceptional villas from 2 to 4 bedroom at the heart of our The Nine Golf Course. The sale of these villas is planned for June this year.


For homeowners at Azuri, is there a property management service and what does this include?

Living in Azuri means having peace of mind every day. Whether you live here year-round or for just a few weeks in the year – perhaps for a well-deserved winter break - the village has ensured everything is in place to set your mind at ease!

  • Rely on our rental management service to support your plans: We manage medium- and long-term rentals for your property. Our team is specially trained to ensure that the profitability of your property is continuously optimised. Azuri can also take care of the administrative management related to your portfolio.
  • Benefit from tailor-made advice with our property management service: Azuri has its own property management service and will support you even while you are absent. Do you need help with renovation work, supervision of your property in your absence or to prepare the house before your arrival? Our teams are at your disposal to assist you with the best solutions.
  • Let our maintenance service provide you with peace of mind: Whether you live there or not, your property needs to be maintained. The garden, swimming pool, repairs, cleaning... Our maintenance team will take care of everything, guaranteeing your peace of mind and making sure your equipment stays functional for a long time. An all-in-one service that will set your spirit free.

 Finally, what differentiates Azuri from other projects in Mauritius?

Our residents tell us that Azuri embodies a distinctive energy not seen elsewhere – “it is a place with a soul.” Our overriding objective, to ensure that residents live in a healthy and safe environment, typifies an ideal Smart Destination for current and aspiring inhabitants. Azuri’s exceptional residential and lifestyle offerings are designed to provide a sustainable living environment amongst a dynamic and compatible community of people who are made up of year-round residents and seasonal visitors

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