Côte d’Or Technopole Fully Leased

Admin May 20, 2024

Côte d’Or Technopole, a flagship project of Landscope Mauritius, has already reached an occupancy rate of 100%. Launched in October 2023 across 143 arpents, this beacon of progress has garnered steadfast trust from various property developers and operators, signifying a burgeoning confidence in the dynamic future of the Mauritian business landscape.

In addition to its high-quality infrastructure, the inception of the Technopole is creating a new economic hub in the region of Côte d’Or by calling for pioneers and innovators to boldly venture forward. 

The Côte d’Or Technopole is not just a piece of land, it is prime land which will sprout new opportunities, foster employment growth, and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to excel.

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