Co-working spaces: The next evolution of office work.

Admin July 03, 2023

As more companies embrace hybrid work, coworking spaces fill a unique void. More than a trend, these phenomena is fueled by and help drive changes in work culture. Remote work and flexible working are becoming more common as the corporate world modernizes. With this, coworking spaces aren’t only the realm of freelancers and entrepreneurs; they’re a thriving ecosystem.

In a study by the US Chamber of Commerce, Coworking spaces provide positive work environments that allow workers to share tools, services, and facilities. Studies show that coworking results in 70% of members becoming healthier, 68% of members being better focused, and 64% of members completing tasks in a more timely manner.

As remote and hybrid work models continue to become more popular, the benefits of coworking add up to something pivotal for the world’s workforce. It’s an opportunity to reinvent the workplace, giving workers the stability of a traditional work environment, the flexibility inherent to remote work, and providing a more modernized culture.

What is a coworking space? they’re places where a group of people can work together - either collectively or individually. They’re designed to function as a regular office space, but look and feel completely different from the traditional desk-and-chair setup. These Coworking Spaces have all the basic functionality of traditional offices such as; common desks or private offices, meeting spaces, sockets, charging stations, internet connection, kitchen and common areas, and even a well-stocked pantry with coffee on tap! 

Who are coworking spaces ideal for? Startup companies, multi-national companies with remote workers, freelancers, and central place for business meetings, networking and community events.

Spaces inside coworking offices: There are different areas inside the average co-working space, designed to meet different needs. These include; dedicated desks, hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms, common areas, kitchen, entertainment areas, etc.

List of co-working spaces in Mauritius:

  1. Workshop 17
  2. Regus
  3. Oficea
  4. The Park Grand Baie
  5. The Ground
  6. The Hive
  7. Le Workshop
  8. Fasthub 
  9. CocoWork
  10. Sync cowork
  11. Bright Centre
  12. Exchange Square
  13. Co-working Port Louis
  14. The Business Centre
  15. Zendo 
  16. The Edge
  17. FLC centre
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