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Admin April 22, 2022

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village, forming part of the Smart City Concept, is located on the West Coast of Mauritius at the foot of La Tourelle Mountains. 

What makes this project so unique is Choosing to live in a ‘live-work-play’ community that provides numerous advantages such as more productivity, more family time, more exercise, a higher quality of life and a better overall work-life balance. There are several unique projects that make up Cap Tamarin such as Freedom Hill, O’Patio, Villas A’loès, O’Barachois and L’Ofis that provide a great investment opportunity with high ROI. For example on residential projects in Cap Tamarin, a 6.5% average rental yield has been recorded and an average of 15% annual capital gain made on the apartments at the heart of Cap Tamarin.

Notably on offer is L’Ofis - a mixed-use project made up of retail, offices and apartments. It is strategically located in the heart of Cap Tamarin Smart City. Residential part: L’Ofis apartments range from T2 to T4 layouts and seamlessly marry style and convenience. They are located on the top floors of the building with breathtaking views. With a community spaces of restaurants, coffee and retail shopping located on the ground floor.

Unique property features:

  • Mixed-use building with retail, office, and residential units
  • Located at heart of Smart City with high potential ROI
  • High speed broadband access & highly connected economy

General Amenities:

  • Smart City Concept
  • Various units (apartments, luxury villas, office spaces, commercial areas)
  • Restaurants, shopping mall, bars & cafes, sports club, and riverside park.
  • Medical center and educational facilities 
  • Good transport connections/links (by bus, car, bicycle, foot)


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