Beau Plan Smart City

Admin June 17, 2021

A Novaterra project that is creating a place where people will Live, Work and Play within an exceptional and sustainable urban environment.

Located in the North of Mauritius, Beau Plan is designed around people and offers investment opportunities for both businesses and individuals within the Smart City Scheme of Mauritius. Beau Plan is backed by the Terra Group, originally founded in 1838 as a sugar-orientated company, Terra has grown to become one of the leading and most respected groups in the region.

The Novaterra development subsidiary aims to bring to life the vision and ethos of its longstanding history on the island of Mauritius; where integration, diversification and sustainability inspire and shape the way we live, work, and play.

LIVE. A wide choice of residential projects are on offer that includes; villas, townhouses, apartments and serviced land plots that are available to foreigners and Mauritians alike. The residential neighborhood is located nearby to the lake and park and will be fully integrated into the rest of the project through cycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

WORK. Discover a new business hub in the North of the island. Designed for all professionals, Beau Plan provides a large choice of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and retailers. Commercial premises, office spaces, showrooms, and a business hotel. Beau Plan is an inspiring and innovative workplace providing excellent connectivity to the island.

PLAY. An essential ingredient for great quality of life. As an innovative and contemporary smart city, Beau Plan has been designed to encourage a healthy and sporty lifestyle with green corridors, cycle paths, urban parks and sports amenities. The lifestyle village and its mix of restaurants, shops, coffee bars, and supermarkets offer a unique experience whilst making the most of an exceptional setting on the lake.

LEARN. “We are not teaching what to learn but how to learn”. The current educational poles of Beau Plan, namely Greencoast International School and the African Leadership College are preparing the future generations of leaders in Mauritius and the region. Aligned with the creative positioning of Beau Plan the focus is on providing the tools and developing the skills that will be required to flourish in tomorrow’s world.

CREATE. Creativity is at the heart of Beau Plan’s vision. Driven by a desire to promote Arts and Culture, the city celebrates creativity in all its forms. Visit our creative park where craftsmanship, dance, culture and arts are omnipresent. Come and discover the Patrick Mavros jewellery craft centre, Le Studio dance school, the Workshop and the Aventure du Sucre Museum.

Experience Beau Plan today and secure your future.

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