How to get Mauritius Residency by investment

Admin September 01, 2021

Since the introduction of the real estate program in 2003 allowing freehold foreign ownership of property, the regulatory framework has both evolved and modernised over time. Changes along the way included improvements and simplification of terms, all geared toward enabling foreign ownership within designated schemes.

Since the launch of these schemes over 3,500 residences have been sold. A total of 111 projects are registered under various schemes and can be found on the Economic Development Board of Mauritius (EDB) website. The availability of the current supply sits at approximately 1,100 units for sale excluding Smart City units, with an average of around 360 units sold on an annualised basis.

When it comes to obtaining residency through investment we breakdown, not only the real estate options but all available categories to provide a clear picture of the paths to obtain Mauritian residency:

(1) Residency by Investment (Real Estate)
5 different property schemes are eligible for Resident permits:
 • IRS/RES//PDS schemes - designated projects for foreign owners, of which if the purchase price is USD 375,000 or greater, comes with Residence for the owner and his family for the duration the property is owned.
 • Smart City Scheme - foreign residents are able to purchase multiple property types within designated Smart Cities such as residential, commercial, retail, and now serviced plots of land. There are no restrictions on the minimum price, although if a land parcel is purchased construction must be completed within a 4-year timeframe.
 • G+2 Apartments - starting from a minimum price of MUR 6 million (USD 145,000), foreigners are able to purchase units in apartment blocks that are 3 levels or higher (Ground + 2 levels). An amendment in the 2021/22 Mauritius budget now makes it available for foreigners to also gain residency with purchases of USD 375,000 or more in G+2.

(2) Residency by Work
There are various options to acquire the Occupation permit, which is a combined work + resident permit:
 • Investor - min investment of $50,000 into business activity, annual turnover of USD 93,500 annually
 • Innovator - designated investment into innovative projects/start-ups of USD 40,000
 • Professional - company/employee contract with basic monthly salary USD 1,500 or if ITC sector USD 700
 • Self-employed - min investment USD 35,000, annual turnover USD 18,500 annually
 • The validity of Work permits are 10 years

(3) Residency by Retirement
 • Retired non-citizen permit - those above the age of 50 years may apply for this permit provided they maintain an annual yearly transfer of USD 18,000 or USD 1,500 pm from outside of Mauritius.
 • A retired resident may invest in any business provided that he/she is not employed, does not manage, or does not derive a salary from the business. Additionally, there is no income tax on revenue derived from outside Mauritius.
 • The validity of the Retirement permit is 10 years

(4) Permanent Residence permit
 • Permanent Resident - holder of OP for 3 years + meet additional qualifying criteria relative to each above permit
 • investor - annual business revenue of MUR 15 million for 3 consecutive years prior to application
 • Professional - monthly employment salary of MUR 150,000 for 3 consecutive years prior to application
 • Self-employed - annual business income of MUR 3 million for 3 consecutive years prior to application
 • Valid for 20 years

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