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Ressidential and of 1414 m² on the banks of the river
Ressidential and of 1414 m² on the banks of the river
Nestenn offers land of 1414 m² on the banks of the Françoise River in Quartier Militaire. The perfect opportunity for your real estate project.Contact us for more details.
Nice plot in Quatier Militaire
Plot of land of 1414 m2 for sale in a morcellement in Quartier Militaire. Well situated on a border of a little river. Peaceful area. Closed to the centre of Quartier Militaire. Ideal for first time buyer!!! (For more details, please call Regine)

Nice plot in Quatier Militaire

Quartier Militaire
1,414 m²
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The Central Region of Mauritius is renowned for having a cooler climate. It is usually very busy during the day but quiet after sunset. There are several towns in the centre and each has a different characteristic. Most common towns in the Centre are Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill,  Quatre-Bornes, Curepipe, Vacoas-Phoenix and Grand Bassin. The Centre has a variety of facilities such as Schools, Hospital, Market, Shopping centres such as Bagatelle, Trianon shopping centre and Valentina Mall.

Buying or Renting a Property in The Centre

The Centre offers a wide range of Properties for sale or properties for rent  Most properties are very close to amenities such as schools, shops, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls such as Bagatelle, Trianon shopping centre and Valentina Mall. A few properties in The Centre are under the PDS / IRS / RES scheme or smart city where foreigners can invest. There are several Real Estate agencies that can help you acquire your properties.

What are the Sales or Rental Price Trends for Property in The Centre?

A 3-bedroom house for sale in The Centre has an average price of Rs9.7m whereas a 3-bedroom Apartment can cost an average of Rs6.6m. Similarly, a 3-bedroom house has an average rental price of Rs35k and a 3-bedroom Apartment has an average of Rs30k rental price. 


It is advisable to use a Real Estate Agency to conduct a sale or arrange a site visit for any Property for sale or property for rent. Real Estate Agencies are professionals who guide clients through the buying or selling process. Using a real estate agent will help search for your dream property with efficiency.