Apartments for Rent in Pointe d'Esny, Mahébourg

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Pointe d’Esny

Pointe d’Esny is a coastal village in southeast Mauritius. It is located between Blue bay and Mahebourg with a short drive to the International airport for easy access. Pointe d’Esny is a discrete area but it is well known for kitesurfing or windsurfing. Also good to know about Pointe d’Esny, is that international competition such as the Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championship and the Hydrofoil Pro Tour takes place yearly.


Pointe d’Esny boasts a population of around 112,99. It covers an area of 259 km2. It is the starting point for those who wish to visit île aux Aigrettes, an islet, home to protected forests and species.


Buying or Renting a Property in Pointe d’Esny

Pointe d’Esny offers a limited range of mainly coastal Properties for sale or properties for rent in the beachside town. Most notable is the new Point d'Esny Le Village - a Smart City Concept that allows foreigners to purchase a variety of apartments, duplexes, and villas.

What are the Sales or Rental Price Trends for Properties in Pointe d’Esny?

A 3-bedroom Apartment for sale in Pointe d’Esny has an average price of Rs23m whereas a Land parcel can cost an average of Rs7.9m depending on the size of the land. Various factors to be considered is if the property has a swimming pool, beachfront or is in a real estate program for foreigners. Rental properties in Pointe d’Esny are quite low but can have an average rental price of 62k.


It is advisable to use a Real Estate Agency to conduct a sale or arrange a site visit for any Property for sale or property for rent. Real Estate Agencies are professionals who guide clients through the buying or selling process. Using a real estate agent will help search for your dream property with efficiency.

Information about Apartments for Rent in Mahébourg

Average price of 2 bedroom Apartments: Rs.32,333

Average price of 3 bedroom Apartments: Rs.41,400

Average price of >3 bedroom Apartments: Rs.65,000


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