3 Bed Villa for Sale in Baie du Cap

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Listed: 4 Oct '18 07:28
Important Features
Available To Foreigners, Swimming Pool, IRS, Private Swimming Pool, Land area: 600m² , Building area: 200m² , Bedrooms: 3
Prestige villa in IRS complex - 200m2 - 3 bedrooms

Les Terrasses – 5 villas available

«Les Terrasses » houses offer pleasant living spaces of over 200 m2 with three bedrooms on plots measuring 600m2.
Offering more than 200 m2 of living space on plots of 500 to 850 m2, and designed to impart a sensation of utter wellbeing, these houses are notable for their unique terraced design. Laid out around a patio that widens onto a beautiful veranda and pleasant swimming pool, the houses also open onto the verdant hills: multiple tropical essences against a background of sparkling ocean. The houses’ three bedrooms, including a master suite with a view of the pool, together with their cosy living spaces, which include an open-plan living and dining area, bring together all of the elements of everyday comfort.
A stand-up paddle is set aside for each house’s buyer, allowing them to combine physical activity with relaxation on the Baie du Cap lagoon

The Village

Located just beyond the properties, on the hill overlooking Baie du Cap, the Village is remarkable for its terraced design and stunning views of the ocean. It brings together all of the amenities and services to meet the expectations of residents and visitors alike: a large open marketplace with a market hall in which to purchase fresh local produce; a variety of shops; terraces on which to relax and enjoy a drink; restaurants in which to spend time with friends or family; a bakery; a convenience store; a beauty salon; a dry cleaners’; a bicycle and scooter rental facility that makes it easy for you to explore the island... all a stone's throw away from the properties.

Anbalaba - A prestigious IRS project in South West
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