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Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Mahébourg Hotel For Sale
Industrial lease land occupied by a building which offers 5 ground floor shops, 1 restaurant (40 seats). 4 tourist guest suites, 1 office and a 2 en-suite bedroom apartment. This property is fully functional and a profitable business on its own!

Touristic complex in Pointe d'Esny

2 233 m²
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Mahébourg is a small town on the southeast coast of the island of Mauritius. There are various attractions near Mahebourg such as Mahébourg Waterfront, Mahébourg Museum and Rault Biscuit Factory. Popular beaches near Mahebourg are Blue Bay, Pointe d’Esny and La Cambuse.


Mahébourg boasts a population of 15,426 of which 50.7% are male and 49.3% female. It covers an area of 2.29 km2. The most visited place is the Mahébourg Waterfront


Buying or Renting a Property in Mahebourg

Mahébourg offers a wide range of Properties for sale or properties for rent with the population mainly consisting of local Mauritian demographics. Most properties are very close to amenities such as schools, shops, restaurants, hotels, Bo'Valon Mall and the Mahébourg Monday market


What are the Sales or Rental Price Trends for Properties in Mahebourg

A 3-bedroom house for sale in Mahébourg has an average price of Rs6.1m whereas a 3-bedroom Apartment can cost an average of Rs23m Various factors to be considered is if the property has a swimming pool, beachfront or is in a real estate program for foreigners.


Similarly, a 3-bedroom House has an average rental price of Rs51k and a 3-bedroom Apartment has an average of Rs55k rental price.


It is advisable to use a Real Estate Agency to conduct a sale or arrange a site visit for any Property for sale or property for rent. Real Estate Agencies are professionals who guide clients through the buying or selling process. Using a real estate agent will help search for your dream property with efficiency.

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