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Terrains à Vendre à Pont Colville, Rose Belle

À Vendre
Terrain Agri 30A À Pont Colleville Beau Climat, Pont Colville, Rose Belle
suitable for property investors (Terrain agri 30A)
Sales of mount, forest and river view land property Location: In District of Grand Port, Beau Climat Identification: Close to main road Road Access: along branch road. Utilities: CWA/CEB networks close to site. Zone: Agriculture Climate: As plot locates in central region, Degree is between 14 - 33 depending season. Surround: It is in a Green area. Commercial Facilities: Retail shops, Markets, Hardware store, Snacks/Resto less than 500 mts Community Facilities: College, School, Bus/Taxi, Prayer centres for different religion, Vegetable growers and farmers. Area: 3000p/33330t Afficher m2 Development: Housing scheme, IRS. Estimated area price: Rs 15000/p Offer Price: Rs 40 Million (negotiable). Contact: Yash Sharma Mob Afficher
Listé: 12 Aug '15