Appartements, Duplexes à Vendre à Canton Nancy, Mapou

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Popinelle Street, Canton Nancy, Mapou
House near Botanic Garden (CIR0123)
Sales of residential building property Location: In District of Pamplemousses Identification: Close to river citron Road Access: Close to common road. Utilities: CEB, CWA available on site. Zone:residential Climate: As plot locates in lower region, Degree varies 14 to 34. Surround: residential/commercial building/agri lands Commercial Facilities: close to shops/ market Community Facilities: School, Bus/Taxi, Prayer centres for different religion, Sport amenities, Clubs, Vegetable growers and farmers. Area: Land 245t-22p-924m2/Building GF 1750 with setback. Property include: Partly enclosure boundary wall with 300 m2 open space. Building: GF- 1 garage, 1 living, 1 dining, 1 kitchen 3 bedrooms, 1 toilets, 1 bath, 1 terrace. Additional floor can be added including back extension or more building Flooring: tiles Openings: aluminium. Finish: 80% completed Estimated area price: Rs 5m Offer Price:(negotiable). Contact:Yash Sharma Mob Afficher
3 1 1 924m²
Listé: 23 Feb '17